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PT. Majamakmur Suksesmandiri was established on January 21th , 2000, which initially focused on the field of the roof and wall coverings that are marketed under the trademark MAJADECK®.

To support the rapid growth of industry in Indonesia, especially in the fields of construction, then periodically PT. Majamakmur Suksesmandiri produces MAJAFLOORDECK® and MAJATRUSS®, as well as several other supporting products.

In keeping with our commitment, we provide quality goods but with competitive price and we are not just a promise but rather provide concrete proof to all of our customers.

PT. Majamakmur Suksesmandiri thank those who have provided support as well as criticism and suggestions so that PT. Majamakmur Suksesmandiri growing in accordance with the growth of industry in Indonesia.



Became Manufacture, Distributor and Supplier in the field Building Material especially Roofing the best in Indonesia.


1. Anticipate and respond creatively, innovative and competitive against ever changing customer needs and develops through problem solving in comprehensive, both in  terms of products quality in line with technological developments.

2. Ensure the success of the business through a thorough commitment to the achievement of the company's development standards, and a willingsness to develop new ideas and a desire to learn continuously in every facet coating company.

3. Achieve profitable growth and sustainable businesses and provide to the maximum long-term value for shareholders and employees.


As a company that emphasizes customer satisfaction, PT. Majamakmur Suksesmandiri mimiliki corporate culture with 5 basic core values ​​of the company, as follows